Who am I?

I'm Kim, currently out in the Sandy Springs area. I am 35 years old. 5'6" and in good shape. I grew up in Oklahoma and I guess I'm a country girl at heart. I do have my "wild" side, which we'll get into later. I am married, and have been for 15 years. We are very secure and we enjoy our time together, as well as our free time apart. I am employed and do quite well for myself. When I'm on, I have every intention of meeting if there is mutual interest. My time is my own and if life gets in the way, I'll try to make plans another time to get together. Ultimately my favorite saying is "What I'm into, isn't about what you're into." Given how heavy I play it's good to give myself a break to recover. Also, in keeping that schedule I've been able to be more consistent. I take pride in having a good time and enjoying adult fun.

What in the world is a "gloryhole"?

Well as you can see in the photo's above, to be blunt, it's a hole in a wall/door/sheet/partition. The premise is that the man enters, watches xxx, gets aroused, and being tired of jerking off solo, employs the help of a willing lady who happens to be on the other side. It's sex at its simplest form. It's very "impersonal" and it can be quite fun. I became experienced with it while part of a swingers group with hubby. Gloryholes are usually found in adult theaters and adult "bookstores".  The usual situation was that the men would pick numbers from a hat and go into a corresponding "booth" while the ladies were out perusing the store, then the ladies would draw a number and go to the "booth" to the right. By that time the man would be aroused after viewing the xxx and would be in "need" of a helping hand, mouth, throat pussy and/or ass. The ladies would in turn offer that. It becomes a turn on because you "know" who it is, but you don't quite "know" who it is. I like not knowing too much about you, and your life. I only know what's "put in front of me". The anticipation of it all is part of the turn on. I prefer having my own vs. the public ones as while I do enjoy the nature of play, I never felt entirely comfortable with not knowing much about the person I was servicing. More so, I didn't like the random nature of enjoying myself and not knowing if I'd ever run across, or be able to contact that person again. There's something to be said about the level of comfort and trust that comes from being able to chat a little first, exchange photos, and then have fun. There's also the social responsibility factor in that I'm not here to be a threat to health, home, or career, and expect the same in return. If there was ever an issue, the line of communication are open between us so we can re-schedule, or make alternate plans should something come up to prevent you from stopping over.

Why do I like it?

Simple, it's fun. I like to be easy, and take pride in it. In my experience it seems as if it's mutual, as the man will usually be halfway hard in anticipation by the time he arrives at the gloryhole. My husband does know about it (he helped make it) and he enjoys hearing of my stories. He's never around when it happens so there's no threat of being "walked in" on. Keep in mind that this is a hobby to me, so there are times I'm not available due to work, or other personal/social life obligations. I like it because to be honest it makes me feel like a slut, and I'm comfortable with that as it's what I enjoy. It's no different than being into a leather fetish, or a foot fetish, or a chocolate fetish. I have no shame in admitting I like getting men off. And though I do like enjoy being a slut at my gloryhole, in some ways there's a certain "security" in knowing for the most part that discretion is held at its highest. The very nature of it makes it discreet. It really is one of those "give it a try" things first. I will honestly admit that judging on the number of men that have returned for more, it is a very pleasurable experience for both parties. I have varying tastes in men. Most fall in the single or married, late twenties to mid fifties range. The gloryhole is a great "equalizer" to me because it keeps things purely physical, carnal, and basic. I don't have to be concerned about your personality, or if I "like" you. I don't have to worry about being turned off because of something outside of your control. You are a man, you have a cock, and I want it. As it relates to maintaining discretion and safety: I feel we each (and me especially) have a social and moral obligation to make sure I'm not threatening health, home, or career of myself or others. I get checked twice a month, not out of fear, but so I can say with certainty that I'm clean and clear. At the end of the day, it's about having adult fun, in private, and having you leave with no regrets or feelings of remorse or guilt. While I could partake of this same activity in the various swing clubs in the areas that I travel, I find interacting here, and having the option and availability for subsequent meetings, pushes things over the edge as it relates to gaining a measure and level of comfort to go through with meeting. I'm every bit as nervous now as when I first started, but that's tempered with the experience of knowing that it really is something enjoyable, and by using intuition, and common sense, I've been able to service some really great guys and look forward to continuing.

Ok, but really, it sounds too good to be true.

Well, it *is* good, and it *is* true. There's no money involved, I do it because I enjoy sex with men (as any female should). I have discussed this with hubby and there are a few "rules" I ask that you respect. Please keep in mind that I'm already at the gloryhole when you arrive. So please be secure with letting yourself in and being on your best behavior. My husband knows I enjoy giving oral (he thinks I'm one of the best and I enjoy proving it). I also enjoy (heavily enjoy) anal sex with a man. While we have discussed at length, he does request that I keep the kitty all for him. Considering we're married and he already gives me a long leash, that's not too much to ask for in my book so please respect that as well. Otherwise feel free to ask what is and what isn't off limits. I enjoy the glory hole because it's pure sex. No need to worry about taking me out, we don't even need to say many words, we both know what you're there for. Hubby understands that as well, but to keep it as impersonal as possible, he does prefer that things stay one sided (me sucking, me getting fucked) too much touchy feely and it almost makes me uncomfortable. Just understand things from my angle. I'm giving directions to where I am, with the door already unlocked. I'm all alone, so yes, I do get a little nervous, and prefer as well that the touching is kept to a minimum. I had a bad experience where a gentleman (though you really can't call him that) got too aggressive and touched me in ways that did in fact make me feel uncomfortable, and no one should be made to feel that way, especially in their own place of play. All you really do is come over, enjoy the xxx playing, unzip and let a gal that knows what she likes take care of the rest. I've been at it since 2004 and it's something I truly enjoy. To help you understand that I am very real, here are a few comments I've received from men that have visited over the course of the years:


My Testimonials

Jul 17, 2013
Need a slut that can handle BBC? Kim is certainly the one that can. A majority of women I've met have had trouble with my size. I could tell she was experienced by the way she took her time with it. A long slow suck followed by ass to mouth until she was fully relaxed and able to receive me. I treat myself to her skills at least once a month. Simply the best.

Apr 25, 2013
I finally met with Kim and had the experiance of a lifetime at her Glory Hole! She delivered on so many levels, it blows one mind! I can't wait for my next visit! Well worth the wait!

Mar 27, 2013
I had a great, no fantastic, even better a time that I will never forget. Will need to travel to visit her more often.

Feb 4, 2010
She is even better than you can imagine. Soft and tight in all the right places. You will leave satisfied!

Apr 12, 2009
One of the best fucks I have every had. She can take my big dick anytime.

Apr 1, 2009
I had the honor of meeting this fine lady and damn, the most erotic time ive had in a long time, super head and tight as a virgin, best orgasm ive had in a long time, i hope to do it again many times. all i can say is wow

Mar 22, 2009
Well everyone has talked about her sexual skills and that's well documented but I might add one of the classiest ladies on here. looking forward to meeting you again.

Feb 22, 2009
With our schedules it's been a long time coming for us to finally meet. I knew it Kim's Gloryhole would be awesome from the other testimonials and blog posts. But in her on words, GAWD YES, she was unbelievable and everything I had imagined. She slid me in that tight ass and went all the way down in an instant. And being my size that was a feat :0) I grabbed that tight butt and slammed her deep and hard and she took every bit of it. She is very bit the little slut she says she is and between her awesome oral skills and her unbelievably tight ass.....well lets just say she had me cumming more than once :) She is a dream....

Feb 19, 2009
Recent first timer. Kim is fantastic. Great glory-hole set-up. Plan on returning

Jan 3, 2009
Had a great visit. Excellent oral skills and a nice tight ass. Hope to visit again.

Nov 10, 2008
She is so SEXY and busy hope to fuck you again soon

May 10, 2008
Kim .. am glad you're back. have missed you. Not many truly define the meaning of the word slut like you do.

May 10, 2008
Pretty lady. Great figure. Love the photos. Felt even better on my cock.

Feb 25, 2008
OMG Kim you are the best woman I have ever had the pleaser of fucking! The best head, and that ass is the best! I have not found too many people who can take my thick cock in the ass, but this little cock slut sure can -right to the balls! Please ask me back soon!

Jan 17, 2008
Absolutely amazing oral skills and her ass is incredibly welcoming. I can't wait to see her again and again

Nov 16, 2007
One word from me.WOW..

Nov 8, 2007
This woman is fucking awesome! I've ran across women that say they are into BBC and then can't handle it but this lady here means it when she says she likes BBC. She'll take it in here mouth deep and her ass is a playground I'll always hit up cuz she'll take every bit of what you give her. She definitely works out and that ass is toned and ready to be fucked. So if you get the chance bring your A game fellows she deserves it!

Aug 29, 2007
This woman is amazing. She takes cock deeper than any woman ive ever met in her mouth and ass. And what a tight and sweet ass. If you have the chance your lucky for sure. Even my wife noticed that I've been more relaxed lately.

Feb 6, 2007
you are a true beauty. I wasn't sure of you at first but the moment you touched my cock I knew I was in for a treat.

Jan 25, 2007

Dec 7, 2006
you are a good women. I wish I could do you more though.

Dec 1, 2006
Simply the best!

Nov 6, 2006
this one is for real guys, I can't wait to spend some more quality time at her gloryhole

Apr 8, 2006

Mar 27, 2006
FINALLY had the privelege of getting together with her. Just a wonderful woman from start to finish. Her oral skills are absolutely wonderful but DAMN, that ass is pure heaven! She is everything she promises and more.

Mar 18, 2006
She is 100% sexy

Apr 19, 2005
She is an amazing woman who is very intuned to her own sexuality! She will make you feel like a KING and wanting for more. Can,t wait to see her again

Mar 24, 2005
Tasty!! She not only let me come back for seconds later, but she allowed me and two buds to run a train on her as well. I've never been around a more greedy cockslut.

Aug 19, 2004
I was a skeptic up to the point where I saw the tell tale stains all around her glory a lot of cocks have been in there! This girl is indeed a master cock sucker...even after you cum and she swallows it all down..she holds it in her mouth so every last bit can leak out...mmm She didn't just blow my dick, she blew my mind!!...and yes, I'm smiling now as I write this :)

Jul 31, 2004
This incredibly sexy young woman is the hottest on this site! I received the most incredible oral sex in my life and hope to visit on a regular basis.

Jul 5, 2004
I can attest that this is in fact the real deal, This lady sinceely loves to please and I am a loyal fan.
Amazing, concept...

Jun 2, 2004
JUST DAMN !!! This IS the real deal. This woman is simply amazing. Simply the best oral ever. I can't wait to cum back again & again. She has clearly thought through the whole GH fantasy and has it down to perfection. . . DAMN !

May 18, 2004
I agree with everyone here, She is the greatest. Good set up and extremly stimulating as well. Awesome is the best word to describe the experiance. I will be back

Apr 27, 2004
This is the real thing. If you have never tried it you should. This sweetie knows what she is doing and what she wants. It is very erotic and extremely stimulating. She has a great setup that works for both parties. She gives awesome oral and makes you want more. I got a special treat with some of the best anal sex I’ve had. Be good and see what happens.
As for me, I will be back.

Ahh, I get it. But what else is there that I need to know?

I'm a good Catholic woman so no birth control. I'd rather not have an "oopsie" 9 months later that I didn't plan to have. If all you want is oral, please expect me to swallow. I love to and I will. I *really* love anal sex. The glory hole experience is "arranged anonymous" if you will. So a photo of you isn't a must, but it never hurts to send one.  I do prefer married men 25-60. Married preferred as they have other obligations, I'm not looking to go out on dates, just need someone that needs an equal amount of discretion, someone that can appreciate what I'm offering. Single is fine if you can maintain discretion and not get *too* attached. "Word of mouth" and "Networking" are great tools as I do like being shared and passed around.. If you enjoy yourself, and think you might have a friend, relative, coworker or drinking buddy who would enjoy it, please feel free to include them in subsequent visits. I am STD free, and get checked by a married regular who is a Dr. twice a month, and appreciate the assumption that you are as well. As an adult I feel that there's a moral obligation to make sure that I'm not doing anything to cause harm to health, home, or career for both of us. That being said with oral and anal, nothing turns me on more than being able to suck it hard and wet and slide it inside me. I do sometimes enjoy using a vibrator while receiving anal so don't be surprised if you here a "buzz" coming from the other side. Aside from that I'm an open book. Feel free to ask whatever questions needed to make yourself comfortable.


How to contact me?

Email is the best way to contact me. If i'm online I'll respond, if not I'll respond as soon as I can. For those that are unable to view profiles. I'll include a photo of me, as well as a photo of my glory hole so you understand who I am and what I'm offering. The glory hole *is* Very discreet and VERY private. The glory hole is a sheet that hangs from the doorframe. Makes it easy to put it up, take it down, clean it etc. The thumbnail is small. But I have a married friend that is close to 9" and he fits with plenty of room to spare. So trust that you will too. Since the glory hole is "flexible" you're able to hold onto my hips if need be (which if you love to fuck a slut, you will be). I'm on Adultfriendfinder as "atlglryhlegal" as well, so feel free to contact me there.