always discreet

love to be used

I'm free daytimes, so bankers, brokers, lawyers, doctors, execs, industry shakers and movers, it's a perfect scenario for stopping over, releasing some stress, and going on about your day. I'm aware that some guys just want to get a really great bj, have me swallow, and they go about their day. Just let me know that's your interest and I'll gladly accommodate. Otherwise, I'm a gloryhole cum dump. No strings. Use me, abuse me, and come back for more later. 



Gloryhole slut. Wants to be wrecked beyond repair. Left a sloppy mess. One on one. But enjoys being passed around to your buddies.

Primary interest: - establishing myself as a viable, reliable, and discreet place to visit to unwind and unload. avail once a week for consistency.

Secondary interest: - using gloryhole to pursue other fantasy/fetish. Have a train run on me. Let guys put it all in on the first stroke brutality.

Tertiary interest: - push limits. Get fucked until my I swell shut, then keep taking more.

A little about me before the about me

I'm not a pro, nor here for profit. 


I take pride in having a good time and enjoying adult fun. I'm not the type to have a "little black book" published online because of foolishness or lack of discretion. I have this site because the things I enjoy are prevalent but under the radar. It's a chance to turn "I never knew this existed" to "Oh yeah, I can see how it's a good time". I don't condone sexual assault, but I do love that selfish mentality when a guy comes over to use me. I don't condone disrespect to women, but I do love when the only time I get a text or email is because you want me to take it. 


**Thought I'd add, when reading below, keep in mind you are the only one here - one at a time - but you come over knowing you weren't the first to stop by, and when you leave, you won't be the last.**


In reality, when I get myself setup to play, it's like a frat house party, when a girl has had too much to drink and gets led to the back bedroom. There are guys in and out one at a time, and even the guys who are normally "not that kind of guy" for that brief moment become such. They saw her drinking and flirting, even after her friends left. Not saying she was "asking for it" but at the same time, she's the type that keeps getting invited out to the parties and makes the conscious decision to attend. Keep in mind, with me, this is all still a one on one encounter. The allusion of the frat party is used to help you understand my "mentality". It is that of wanting to be used and freely giving of my time to allow it to happen. Things are still one on one, but the idea is the same. Being used. Getting dogged out. Being wrecked. No worries about a 9mo later oopsie.


I'm looking for discreet men that enjoy great head from a female that knows how to make you cum hard and often. I love giving head and love taking it in the ass, brutal, preferred. I do have a private set up for no strings encounters. I generally prefer married men. white, the late twenties to mid-fifties. Single is ok if you understand it's no strings. Usually, daytime is for married/attached. Late avail for singles and those who can get out to visit. Other races are fine if you're endowed. It's a catch-22 to list a preference. In reality, if you're interested in swinging by, high chance I'll allow it. But the end of the day it's my body and decision of whom I let use it.